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It’s still possible to maintain your routine and continue professional training in boxing, Karate, Taekwondo or martial arts outside the gym. RDX brings you the Apex A4 Pro Training Chestguard to keep you safe and comfortable while training for as long as you need with a partner at your home gym.

The comprehensive body armour is created from our propriety Super Skin leather and L’orme Skin leather that are resistant to scratches and tears. The smart combination of leathers also acts as an effective buffer for hard-hitting blows. A high-quality chest & belly guard is lined on the inside with non-abrasive and breathable dazzle fabric to keep the body cool and comfortable during the toughest workouts. The martial arts body protector is designed with LumeXTM Padding Technology for a virtually unassailable vest offering maximum protection to the trainer. Equipped with strategically placed, integrated combination of compressed foam padding. The double-layered Max-ShockTM Equilibrium Foam packed with Calibrated Impact Diffusion Sheet and Sponge X Padding protects the chest and rib areas and absorbs the shock from powerful body shots for virtually no feel to the trainer. Padded shoulders with Max ShockTM Equilibrium foam and Sponge X Padding offer impact breaking protection to the region and ensure wear-ability for long hours by preventing the shoulders from digging in. The durable PVC buckle and resilient nylon strap allow easy adjustment for quick on and off and prevent the chest guard from shifting around during training.CE certified by SATRA TECHNOLOGY

  • Front-split design constructed with Super Skin leather (Red/Blue) and L’orme Skin leather (Black) that lasts longer and offers resistance to scratches
  • Dazzle Fabric lining ensures breathability to minimize sweat build-up and prevent the body from overheating
  • Manufactured with LumeXTM Padding Technology with 2x Max-ShockTM Equilibrium Foam, Calibrated Impact Diffusion Sheet and Sponge X Padding to absorb shock and dissipate impact from high-intensity strikes
  • Extra protection and comfort for shoulders padded with Max ShockTM Equilibrium foam and Sponge X Padding
  • A sturdy PVC buckle and adjustable nylon strap to keep equipment in place can facilitate quick on and off
  • CE certified by SATRA TECHNOLOGY

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